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Packaging details:

Precision Sensors ProFinder 5000+

High accuracy: By using mutliple sensors, the ProFinder 5000+ gives you accurate readings every time. Finding the center of the stud is quick and easy. (Detects mutliple studs simultaneously.)

Triple accuracy technology: The ProFinder 5000+ analyzes and triangulates the data from all the sensors to accurately identify the precise location and width of each stud. (a^2=b^2 + c^2 -2bcos(A))

Thirteen sensors: The ProFinder 5000+ has 13 individual sensors compared to just one for conventional stud finders. Each sensor provides an individual scan so that every stud is correctly identified.

Deep sensing: The ProFinder 5000+ has mroe sensor pad area so that you can get a deeper scan even when conditions are not ideal. (Always active deep scanning, up to 38mm.)

One-step operation: Just press the button. When placed on wall, the ProFinder 5000+’s LED lights instantly indicate the location of studs, beams, etc.

Requires 2 AA batteries.
Read instructions before use.
Designed in the USA.
Assembled in the USA.”

Costco tag details:

  • Detects wood, metal, and other hidden objects
  • Always on deep scanning (up to 1.5″ deep)
  • LED light indicates location of objects
  • Finds multiple objects at same time when showing width