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Note: We are not selling this item on our site. This is for product information as posted at a Costco warehouse only.


Pricing subject to change. YMMV.

Packaging details:

“An easy and healthy way to grill meats and vegetables on your stove top. Ridges on the cooking surface create flavorful sear marks and keep food clear from drippings. Nonstick interior surface for low-fat cooking and easy clean-up, even between the grill lines.

Cast aluminum cookware offers unsurpassed cooking performance. It is regarded by chefs around the world as the material of choice for even temperatures, controlled cooking and durability.”

Costco tag details:

  • PFOA-free nonstick interior
  • Outside dimensions: 11.12″ x 11.12″
  • Gas, ceramic, electric
  • Cast aluminum heats rapidly & allows for ultra-even cooking
  • Insulated stay-cool handle
  • Great for meat and veggies
  • Ridges create sear marks
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in America