How to find great deals at Victoria’s Secret and Pink

Last updated on 12/8/18.

Just finished watching the 2018 fashion show and we’re loving the latest looks from VS. If you’re like us and enjoy a good deal, we’ve listed out our best tips below!

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1) Check for current in-store and online promotions. They’ll list them on their site or in the app (iPhone or Android.) Angel card holders can get bonus points, free shipping, and better offers.

  • BOGO (buy-one-get-one) free or BOGO 50% off sleep, lingerie, sportsware, cosmetics
  • Buy three, get three free
  • 40% off bras, sleep, lingerie, sportsware
  • Two for $70 bras
  • $35 and under bras
  • $5 panties
  • $25 off $125

2) Redeem a reward card if you have one. Normally, these are given with a purchase of $40 or $50+ and can be redeemed a month or two later. The reward is usually $20 off $40 or $50.

3) See if you can use free shipping. They’ll either have a promo code on the site or free shipping on $100+. Note that anything you order through the store will be shipped for free, not matter the amount. Angel card holders can also get free shipping.

4) Check for free swag. They may have a bag, towel, slippers, or other accessories if you buy a certain amount. Usually there’s a promo code from their site associated with it that you’ll need to enter. In the store, be sure to ask for it at checkout in case they forget.

5) Check Honey coupons (online only). You can get the bookmark here too. If you plan to check Ebates, you’ll need to do Honey first and write down the coupon that works.

6) Apply Ebates if they have a cash back (online only). Do this before you enter your credit card, promo codes, or gift card info as it might clear it out. If you have a promo code from Honey, you’ll have to re-enter it. You can get the bookmark button or Chrome extension as well after you sign-up.

7) Buy a gift card from Raise. They normally offer anywhere between 4-8% off Victoria’s Secret gift cards and sometimes have additional savings ($10 off when you sign up, extra 5% off gift cards, etc.)

8) Use a price protection and rebate app like Paribus. Please note that I’m not sure if Paribus offers it on Victoria’s Secret, but I use it just in case.

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